As a commercial property landlord, you may be well-versed in dealing with issues related to your tenants, however, what happens if your property is stood empty for a period of time? Whether your vacant property is a single house, commercial building or a major construction site, once it has been identified as being unoccupied, it can very quickly become a target for a variety of undesirables who will not hesitate to strip it of all its valuable assets in a very short space of time. It is estimated that throughout the UK millions of pounds worth of damage is caused every single year to empty properties from site thefts, mindless acts of vandalism, invasion of squatters, and from the devastation caused by arsonists. At Vacant Property Systems we can protect your vacant property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a very simple, yet very effective battery operated totally wire free portable CCTV alarm system, that requires
NO on-site mains supply, NO broadband and NO  telephone line.

Metal thefts are rife in the UK 

Vacant properties are an obvious and easy target when it comes to metal theft, copper boilers, electrical cabling, piping infrastructure, stainless steel & aluminium sinks, radiators, manhole covers, water tanks and lead roofing are all valuable targeted items. When metal is stolen from vacant buildings there is often significant peripheral damage, such as:  broken water systems, which can cause severe flood damage, ceilings and walls being destroyed from pipework and cables being forcefully ripped out, and in s
evere cases theft and damage especially after an arson attack, can even bring insurers to classify the building as a total right-off.

How does the system work?

Each property is firstly subjected to a thorough assessment to determine your site-specific detection requirements. Once installed the system works when any one of the strategically placed on-site movement alarm sensors is triggered, which will immediately activate a 10 second video recording of whatever or whoever has caused the alarm activation. This video clip is encrypted and transmitted from the systems control panel over an IP/GPRS link to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Because the cameras field of view is identical to the detection angle of the activated sensor, the  ARC operator can quickly and easily determine exactly what has triggered the alarm, enabling them to instantly decipher between what is a genuine intruder alarm, or what could just be a false activation caused by a bird, fox or rabbit for example .

Rapid Response 24 x 7 x 365

Once the Alarm Receiving Centre, which is manned by security professionals day and night receives this video clip and it is confirmed there to be a genuine intruder on site, the operator will immediately despatch a security patrol vehicle directly to your premises.


Examples of genuine Intrusions caught on a vacant property system

No Need To Buy, Just Rent

Our Vacant Property Systems are available for either short or long-term deployment on any site within Devon & Cornwall and are usually installed and fully operational within an hour of our installation team arriving on-site.

These simple, BUT effective, bespoke designed Vacant Property CCTV alarm systems can be formed from various compatible system devices up to a Maximum of 23 devices per system, such as:

  • Movement Activated CCTV Cameras

  • Alarm Sensors

  • Alarm Sirens

  • Door Contacts

  • Smoke detectors

Systems available fully installed from just £9 per day.

Other Application Areas

This Vacant Property System is also ideal for applications where false alarms are particularly costly or where Police response is in danger of being withdrawn without a system upgrade. These systems are also ideally suited for temporary and rapid response applications where speed and ease of installation can often be an issue, such as:

  • Vacant Properties / Disused Warehouses / Church Roofs

  • Construction Sites / Marketing Suites

  • Utilities and Transport Infrastructures

  • Any remote or vulnerable assets e.g. Storage Containers, Agricultural Buildings, Barns etc

  • Storage and Shipping Containers

  • Adding Conformation to Existing Alarms through Visual Verification

  • Panic / Personal Attack Button Verification

  • Scaffold Alarms / Fly Tipping


Whatever you decide, Don't just do nothing    

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